What makes a good brand name?

What's in a brand name?


Whilst on my way to get my morning coffee a few weeks back I noticed this van for ‘Just Teatowels’ out the front of St Ali in South Melbourne. What I found amusing was the list of services listed right next to the name which clearly contradicted what their name was promising!

So what makes a good brand name?

Well it should be memorable (for the right reasons, not because it’s a contradiction like the pictured example), easy to pronounce and spell, it should have a good link to your value proposition, and be aligned with you brand personality. If you can bring your value proposition entirely to life in a name then that can be very powerful, like ‘Man With A Van’ or ‘Just Car Insurance’ for example.

Nowadays it’s also necessary to consider how your brand name will work online before deciding on it. With so many web addresses taken already, many brands are leaning towards ‘invented’ names that are made up words, or combinations of words that sound like their value proposition, because they are easier to register domains for. Telstra, iPod and Lexus are all invented names, although they were all invented before domain names were really a consideration.

Deciding on a brand name can seem like a daunting task if you are just picking names out of the air, so it’s important to have a clearly defined value proposition and brand positioning first to guide your decision making strategically.

Finally, think long term with your brand name. If you’re going to give yourself a name that is location specific, you’d better be prepared to never move! Just like the name ‘Just Teatowels’ might not leave you with much room to grow your business in the future…

What are some of your favourite brand names?


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