Purpose is Powerful

Starting out with the end in mind is one of the keys to success, and every business needs a goal to work towards; but a clear and meaningful purpose is more powerful than many businesses realise.

Every business owner wants their business to be a success, and in fact many businesses may have similar goals. ‘Be recognised as the market leader’, ‘Have offices around the world’, ‘Be the most trusted and reliable’ in their field, or ‘Be the most desirable brand”, are goals that many similar businesses can have.

Every business should have its goals, but great brands are built from a clear and powerful purpose. Purpose is a differentiator, and it’s what customers & clients will connect with. It’s where the meaning is.

Consider you’re looking for a builder to build a your first home. You research online to compare recommendations you’ve received from friends, or brands you’ve noticed on hoardings and building sites in your area. The first builder’s website talks about how long they’ve been in business, how they are committed to quality, backed up by their master builder credentials. The second builder’s website says many of the same things (most builders can), but goes onto talk about their passion. They’re not in the business of building houses, they’re in the business of building homes to raise your family in. A space for all your future memories, those first steps, Christmas dinners, Sunday roasts and birthday parties.

Two builders, both with the same experience & credentials, yet with one has a big difference – a powerful purpose that customers can engage with. Which brand do you think you’d choose?

Purpose is powerful, because it’s what connects us. We all connect with brands in the same way we connect with people –  through similar beliefs, interests and purpose. We engage with brands that communicate a purpose that aligns with our needs or beliefs.

If it wasn’t a family home you were after, but rather you have a block of land to develop an investment property on, then a brand like Saw Constructions and their promise “Your success is our business” is more likely to connect and resonate with you than a family home builder will. They are obviously very clear on their purpose. It makes it easy for the right customers to engage with their brand.

When you’re clear about your purpose, you can then work on how best to communicate it to the market, and even turn it into a powerful promise like Saw Constructions has. Then you’re onto something.

So think about your business. Are you clear on what your purpose is? If you’re not, then a good place to start is to ask yourself what is it that gets you out of bed every morning? If the answer is “Money” then here’s another tip… you’re not thinking hard enough.

If you’d like to find out more of how to unlock the power of purpose with your business, then feel free to get in touch!


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