Engaging brand experiences win customers, so give people an experience they will remember, whenever you can.

Whilst doing a little pre-project research for a client last week I stumbled across a new campaign & brand activation for Nudie Juice’s new Nudie & Soda soft drink product which i think is great.

The soda contains 50% real fruit and (almost) 50% carbonated water so Nudie’s and their agency Mango created an interactive vending machine which asked customers to answer a 50/50 question in exchange for a can of Nudie & Soda.

As the video shows, some of the questions are pretty straight forward, whilst others involve a further level of engagement with the help of a brand ambassador appearing out of nowhere ready to act out the some of the questions with a small crowd of people watching on.

I’ve read criticisms of the ‘acting’ but i think that misses the point. While I don’t know first hand, based on their packaging and brand voice, I would be willing to bet that ‘fun’ is somewhere at the heart of Nudie’s brand strategy.

This is really just meant to be an activation that brings a bit of fun to life.

It’s also very functional at the same time, dishing out samples so consumers can experience the taste, whilst aligning this experience with a fun and memorable brand activation that can also be captured and used for future promotion as they have on youtube and their website. That’s smart.

People will remember something the do (an experience!) more than something they only see, read or hearing (like traditional advertising or PR), and Nudie understands this with this clever little activation.

How will you give your potential customers or clients a brand experience they will remember you for?


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